DIY Pallet Dog Beds

Using pallets to create a neat-looking bed for your furry friends is a popular trend that can make for a functional and charming area for your pets. You don’t have to spend or do much by using pallets to provide your dear pet with a comfortable, cozy, and loving bed. This is why today we’ll be telling you all about DIY pallet dog beds ideas, tips, and more.

Furniture made using pallets is a thing, and more people join the trend. If you are looking for a low-cost dog bed, pallets are a fantastic solution. These aren’t only functional but can add a rustic touch to your home decor. A pallet dog bed will look just great in your room, living room, or bathroom, and your furry baby will love it.

Contrary to what you may think, putting together a dog bed using pallets is fairly simple; with a few additional materials, you are good to go. Pallets are an underrated source of decoration; it is no secret that heaps of pallets often end up being dumped by stores that receive lots of deliveries. However, these can be turned into functional items you can use at home. Keep reading and learn more about DIY pallet dog beds.

DIY Pallet Dog Beds FAQs

What to know about pallet dog beds?

  • You can get your hands on shipping pallets from a variety of places, or you can order a brand-spanking-new one if you’d prefer.
  • Be sure to avoid pallets that may have become contaminated with dangerous chemicals.

Why do you need a pallet dog bed?

The first pallet dog bed ideas are the most simple and stylish ones that you can try now, as it’s just about giving some space to your dogs under your bedside. Make a comfortable bed for him at the bottom of your bedside so that he can sleep and relax there, especially in the winters. Using pallets is undoubtedly one of the most popular ideas ever used for dog beds.

Is it hard to make a dog bed using pallets?

Absolutely not. All you need to do is grab some of the uselessly lying wooden pallets in your garage or backyard arrange them in a way that they can form a small house for your beloved dog. As a final touch, you can attach a comfy mattress over it to make it perfect for relaxation.

You’ll likely need a few essential tools to complete the project, and a few of the plans will require more specialized tools. However, with a bit of creativity, you can likely make some of the simplest beds with little more than a hammer and cordless drill.

Can you attach wheels to a pallet dog bed?

You can. DIY project is about being creative; to make it more suitable and convenient, you can attach wheels at the bottom of a cozy bed of your dog pet. With the help of wheels, you can easily drag the bed anywhere and check on your pet wherever you are in the house. Make your dogs comfortable so that they feel at home since the first day at your home.

Benefits of making a pallet dog bed?

  • Low-cost. You can buy them new for approximately $20 or less, though you may have to purchase them in quantities of 10 or more. You can also buy re-claimed pallet wood if you’d like to make things even more accessible.
  • You might find them for free. Just inquire with local retailers or warehouses. You may also find them in or around dumpsters; be sure to stay on the right side of the law and clean them well before transforming them.
  • They’re versatile. You can easily disassemble pallets, and some plans don’t even require you to do that; you can leave them as they are.
  • They’re light. Well, kind of it depends on the wood and size of the pallet.
  • Naturally stylish. Some pallet wood looks pretty good as-is but is also the perfect base for an excellent wood stain or a dog-safe paint.
  • Eco–friendly. Reusing materials that would have otherwise ended up in landfills is a good deed for our planet, and reusing pallets to build your bed will likely be cheaper than any eco-friendly dog bed out there.

How to safely pick your pallets?

  • Try to pick the newest, best-looking pallets you can find if you’re not buying new ones. Pallet wood can splinter, and new pallets will typically produce fewer wood slivers than older ones, which have been beaten up during use.
  • Avoid pallets that have been contaminated with dangerous chemicals. It is often impossible to figure out what a pallet has been used for, but the location will provide helpful clues.
  • When disassembling a pallet, always double and triple-check for loose nails, staples, or screws. These types of fasteners may injure your dog, so you’ll want to remove them all.
  • Avoid super-old pallets, which may be made of wood that’s rotting or infested with termites or other insects. Similarly, avoid any pallets covered in mold, fungi, or other types of science-project slime.

Where can you find free pallets?

A pallet sitting behind a grocery store dumpster was probably used for shipping produce, boxed food, or general household products. Conversely, one you find behind an industrial solvent manufacturer may have been contaminated with various dangerous chemicals.

DIY Pallet Dog Beds


  • wooden shipping pallets
  • tape measure
  • nail puller
  • hammer
  • 1 1/2″ finish screws
  • stainless steel finish nails
  • chop saw
  • carpenter’s pencil
  • drill
  • large outdoor cushion


Dismantle Pallets

Gather a group of used wooden shipping pallets. Using a hammer or nail puller, remove each plank of wood from the pallet base, then dismantle the base.

Choose Best Pieces

Lay all pieces of wood out on a flat, level surface. Based on your specific shipping pallet and the intended size of your dog bed, choose which pieces are the best fit for the two sides, the rear, the front fascia, and the base.

Measure and Cut Boards

Measure and mark sideboards using a measuring tape and a carpenter’s pencil. Cut them to 24-inch lengths with a circular saw. Measure and mark the rear and bottom boards using measuring tape and a carpenter’s pencil, and cut to a 36-inch length with a circular saw. These boards will be the rear panel and bottom planks.

Measure and Cut Structural Pieces

To create structural pieces, measure and mark one 1/2-inch strips using a measuring tape and a carpenter’s pencil, and cut with a circular saw. Next, use a circular saw to cut six pieces of wood the same length as the desired overall height.

Attach Structural Pieces

Lay-out rear panel boards on a flat, level surface, and attach structural pieces on each end with finish nails or screws using a drill or hammer (Image 1). Lay outside panel boards on a flat, level surface, and attach structural pieces on each end.

Attach Side and Rear Panels

Attach side panels to each end of the rear panels with finish nails or screws using a drill or hammer.

Cut and Attach Fascia Board

Measure and mark sideboards using a measuring tape and a carpenter’s pencil, then cut the front fascia board to the length of the front edge from side to side. Install front fascia to side panels with finish nails or screws using a drill or hammer.

Install Base Planks

Attach the base’s underside planks with finish nails or screws using a drill or hammer.

Sand Edges

Use an orbital sander or sanding block to smooth out the rough edges of each panel. Add cushions.

DIY Pallet Dog Beds Online Options

Midlee Raised Wooden Dog Bed Frame

Get your dog’s favorite bed off the floor and keep them comfortable all night long. The modern design of this elevated dog bed will fit right into any home’s decor.

They are made from poplar wood. Light wood color is attractive and easy to clean. Includes a smooth, light wood shade/color and is made from Poplar wood.

The frame is easy to clean, just wipe with soapy water and dry off with a clean towel.

diy pallet dog beds: Midlee Raised Wooden Dog Bed Frame


  • Large
  • Wood
  • Modern Desing

BingoPaw Elevated Bamboo Dog Bed Frame

You can put a dog bed on this frame, getting an elevated dog bed, compared with other beds; the elevated bed is moisture-proof and wet-proof, keeping the dog bed in good air circulation.

Prevent potential dog arthritis, and easy to keep a clean and tidy dog sleeping environment

This pet frame has 5 points that can bear the load; it will maintain stability when the dog lays down also, a screw connects all parts, it doesn’t fall apart easily, the back of the frame has been stripped to prevent the dog bed from moving and falling.

diy pallet dog beds: BingoPaw Elevated Bamboo Dog Bed Frame


  • Elevated Design
  • Easy Assembly
  • Solid

DIY Pallet Dog Beds Additional Tips

  • As always, measure twice; cut once. You don’t want to run out of material and have to go scavenging for more pallets mid-project.
  • Before letting your doggo sleep on the bed, be sure to check for any leftover fastenings, such as nails, staples, or screws.
  • Avoid pallets that may have been contaminated with harmful chemicals.
  • Watch for splinters. Spot won’t appreciate splinters, so you may find it necessary to sand or finish the whole thing.
  • Use wooden pallets with caution if your dog tends to chew up stuff.

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